About our Citroen's

This picture is from the Danish veteran car club's leaflet, telling that CitroŽn has been ahead
in design of their time.

List of cars:


Citroen 11 Sport (Legere) from 1953,

being restored, the car with the best driving properties I have ever driven, at the same time stable and sensitive, comfortable and heavy

Sold (unfortunately)

Citroen GS Special Weekend (1100) from 1981

which has made a deep impression with its quiet willing engine, some day I want another, but this one had to go as a part of the payment for the next:


Citroen BX 19 GT from 1985,

mileage from 28000 to 290000 km, almost no problems, a powerful and rough engine compared to the GS.
But I like the interior with sattlites and circular instruments.

                       on vacation in "Grand Canyon de Verdon", Provence, France

Citroen Xantia 1,8 from 1993,

mileage from 110000 to 150000 km.

in exchange for this

CitroŽn Xantia Activa 2.0 CT from 1996

bought at 56000 km. The active suspension is really an improvement, maybe a dangerous one, my speed has increased on curved roads.


Even though Citroen has lost some identity in the latter models, the change from GS to BX saves the hair on my head.

In the past my grandfather had this

Horch of which I know that it is from before 1918.

He offered, "driving with a luxury automobile" in HillerÝd.

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PSA Peugeot CitroŽn: le moteur HDI.


 Traction Avant, Danmark

4 nov 99

Kind regards


JÝrgen Dalgaard Nielsen

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